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    Top Sites To Buy And Sell Used Cars

    If you are ready to part ways with your car, here are a few proven sites to buy and sell used cars online. In this post, we will look at 13 of the best sites to buy and sell used cars, and then we will discuss some ways sellers and buyers thousands of miles apart can make those sales happen. Follow along with this article if you are looking for the best sites for buying or selling a classic or vintage car. With so many online vehicle sales markets to choose from, it is best to review each of them, which will help you to find the best vehicle sales website for your circumstances.

    As you may have realized from reading through our list of the most used auto-selling websites, this is even easier if you are selling to a dealership. If you are not looking for offers, and you prefer setting your own prices on your vehicle, listing your vehicle for sale on sites such as Autotrader, eBay, or Craigslist may be a better option. These tips may help if you are planning on selling your vehicle on your own, listing your vehicle for sale on a site like Autotrader, Craigslist, or eBay instead of getting offers from a company like CarBrain. In addition to buying used cars or listing your car for sale, you can also use Autotrader as a research tool for estimating monthly payments, determining a trade-in value, or finding a better vehicle for you.

    Now, one thing about Autotrader is that you actually need to pay for listing your own car for sale there. Listing is perfect if you do not have money to pay to have a listing on one of these sites that will buy cars from owners. You cannot actually buy the car through CarsDirect; rather, CarsDirect connects you to the dealership. The website features the latest certified pre-owned vehicle incentives and financing offers, which could save you money if you purchase a qualifying vehicle.

    With more than 5 million listings for new, used, and certified pre-owned cars, CarGurus is one of the largest car buying sites on the internet. The CarGurus site connects auto shoppers with local sellers offering new, used, and certified pre-owned vehicles. You will also find search tools on the site that will help you figure out a cars worth before buying or selling. Even if you are not selling on CarGurus or buying on the site, the site can be an excellent research tool for finding out what your car is worth, or what similar cars are listed for in your area.

    Listing with CarGurus is free, but if you sell a vehicle, you will be charged $99 by them. The CarGurus site also offers real cash offers from local dealers if you are looking to sell your used vehicle online.

    Another thing that makes AutoTrader one of the best websites for selling your vehicle is the ability to sell to a dealer, or even receive instant Cash Offers. If you are looking for a fast, easy way to sell or trade your vehicle, Autotraders Kelley Blue Book free Instant Cash Offer Program could be an excellent option. If you are on the other end of things and looking to sell your vehicle, Vroom is a better place to sell your vehicle since you will be getting a prompt offer on it (and we all know selling your vehicle as fast as you can is always great).

    If you are already familiar with the way selling on eBay works, and/or if you are looking to sell your car locally (which some people do, since they do not need to help the distant buyer coordinate the transport of the vehicle), selling your vehicle on eBay Motors may be a good option for you. One benefit to using eBay Motors is that local listings are free, so if you are looking to sell cars on the internet without paying, this is a great place to go.

    You can contact a seller directly via KBBs site when you have found a used car that sparks your interest. If you are looking to sell, you can bring your vehicle into a CarMax location for an inspection, or get an estimate online, as long as your car qualifies.

    CarMax is committed to offering lower prices on well-maintained pre-owned vehicles, cutting the dealership out of the car-buying process. Similar to CarMax, CarMax offers a stress-free, no-haggling method for buying and selling cars nearly completely online. Perhaps most famous for its CarGurus auto-vending machines, Carvana is an online used-car marketplace founded in 2012 that helps people buy, sell, and trade-in cars quickly and easily.

    The site analyses millions of new, used, and certified preowned listings each day to determine the Instant Market Value of each vehicle, then ranks search results by price — great deals, great deals, fair deals, expensive deals, and overpriced used cars — and dealer reputation scores. Autotrader allows shoppers to search cars by criteria like new, used, certified preowned, make, model, body style, color, price, location, and more.

    In the process, I found some websites that help shoppers narrow down good deals for used cars, as well as identifying which sites are winners in terms of sales. You will find more details about each used car site below, including descriptions of the process for buying cars from each site, as well as how to begin searching for cars available in your area.

    Our list of 16 of the top used car websites, based on an investigation of online sources, and 13 of those which received verified results from a search conducted by us, should make it a bit easier to spot those third-party websites which might be the top used car sites for your other car searches. Let Credit Karma do an in-depth review of the pros and cons of a handful of auto sales sites to help you decide which is the best site for you. When shopping for a vehicle, used or new, spend time reviewing your online resources.



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