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    Shipping A Car From Hawaii To Seattle

    Two services that we provide for customers who wish to send their vehicle from Hawaii to Seattle, or Seattle to Hawaii, are Open Car Transport and Enclosed Car Transport. All of our transportation, car hauling services, and everything else you need to get from Seattle to Hawaii and back, must take place either via air carrier or by boat. Flying from Seattle to Hawaii is an entire trip across the ocean, which is the primary reason that traveling to Hawaii cannot be done via surface transportation.

    Taking a flight from Seattle to Honolulu, the capital of Hawaii, takes about 6 hours. The distance from Hawaii to Washington constantly changes depending on your chosen cities, but the average estimated time for shipping your vehicle from Hawaii to Washington is calculated at 4,762 miles, taking approximately 5-7 days for delivery.

    The transportation routes run both ways if you are considering transporting a car from Hawaii to the United States. It helps to know what makes shipping a car in Hawaii different then shipping within the Continental U.S.

    When shipping a car to Hawaii, you are working with an auto transportation broker and carrier – and a foreign-based transportation company, which physically moves your car across the ocean. Very few car transport companies will be able to take your car from your house on the mainland and bring it to your front door in Hawaii. Many car transport companies will not move your car to Hawaii if it does not start.

    Door-to-door transport in Hawaii Full-service moving companies often deliver your car to your new address (rather than at the port) if you are moving it with your household items. Alpine Auto Transport does collect your car, but you will need to take your car out of the appropriate port once the car has cleared inspections and customs before we can bring it to Hawaii.

    We are committed to getting your car from Honolulu, HI, Hawaii, to Seattle, WA, WA, in the same condition as when you gave it to us, and provide tracking so that you can stay on top of your vehicle throughout the vehicle transportation process. Direct Connect would be proud to help you transport your car, which is why we offer military vehicle transportation from Honolulu, Hawaii to Seattle, Washington, as well as across the country. Whether you have just purchased a car or are a vehicle dealership looking to move from Honolulu, Hawaii to Seattle, Washington, Direct Connect offers dependable transportation services for dealership moves, car auction deliveries, and for those customers looking to purchase a car.

    If you have questions about moving your car from Seattle to Hawaii, please contact the Alpine Transport Express Customer Service Department. Alpine Transport Express has been moving cars from Seattle to Hawaii for more than 15 years, and is dedicated to helping families, service members, and individuals by saving them time and money through our Hawaii auto transportation services. If you are looking for a rock-solid quote to send your vehicle from Seattle to Hawaii, use the online calculator at Alpine Transport Express for a FREE, instant estimate.

    When calculating a car shipping cost from Seattle to Hawaii, Alpine Auto Transport has several different factors to consider. The process to moving a vehicle from Seattle to Hawaii, or vice versa, begins with choosing an auto transportation company and getting a rough estimate on how much it will cost to transport it. Shipping your vehicle from Hawaii Island to Seattle may seem like a hassle, but Alpine Auto Transport will make it an experience that you do not have to worry about repeating if you decide to relocate back to the mainland.

    Use our FREE instant online quote calculator if you would like to find out how much it costs to send a car from Hawaii Island to Seattle. If you are wondering what it costs to transport a vehicle in Hawaii or out, you can get a FREE instant quote by visiting SGT Auto Transport. Look up quotes, customer reviews, and the process for various auto transport companies, then choose one that seems right for your needs.

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    If you want door-to-door service, you will have to find a local company in Hawaii that can take care of the final leg of your shipment (they are typically the only ones who can get your vehicle from the port to your house). The key is to find a car hauler that has years of experience moving cars in and out of Hawaii islands. There are only a few fully-serviced transportation lines going to Hawaii. With our Hawaii ports at Honolulu, Nawiliwili, Hilo, and the U.S. mainland ports at Seattle, Tacoma, Oakland, and Los Angeles — there is no need to worry about your transportation because we are taking care of every car that we move.

    The islands have been the primary focus for Budget Auto Ship for decades, as we understand the specificities of moving vehicles on/off of islands. After decades of providing nothing short of perfection, Budget Auto Shipping has assembled the most comprehensive, carefully curated list of reliable, highly-principled car carriers who would be more than happy to transport your car to the islands and mainland in an safe, efficient manner. With our Interstate Car Transport Service in Hawaii, you can be assured your car will reach it is destination in one piece. The team at Alpine Transport Express specialize in transporting a wide variety of vehicles including cars, trucks, motorcycles, RVs, quads, quads, military vehicles, heavy machinery, trailers, and non-operable vehicles from Seattle to Hawaii.

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