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    How To Ship A Car If You’re In The Military

    Here are six key points to take away from the overseas auto shipping process, to allow you to get the hang of the move. It will be easier to send your car abroad if you are familiar with the laws and regulations in the country your car is being placed in. Do not assume you will be able to easily bring a car or truck back with you, or transport an auto purchased abroad easily back into the U.S. Do your homework, and learn about vehicle restrictions in your new duty location, before you start moving, so that you can make this adventure abroad count. You will have to coordinate your plans for shipping another vehicle abroad with a car shipping company that understands the unique needs of service members.

    The cost to transport your vehicle from one state to another will vary, just like with all car transportation. For instance, the cost of shipping a vehicle is higher if the car is larger than the average car, because of the distance that the car travels, the vehicle condition, seasonal factors like road closures, and the cost of fuel. The cost to send your vehicle with PCS Moving Your Car varies depending on vehicle size and modifications.

    The average cost to you to relocate your car to a new house is going to be a lot more expensive than shipping. To sum up costs, you could get a vehicle shipped for as little as $800, as long as you are doing open-jaw delivery, depending on the various companies. You could even do car shipping on an individual basis for getting a second vehicle.

    When you need your car shipped, call Number 1 Auto Transport for a $50 discount on any one of our Military Car Shipping Services. Because of that, Number 1 Auto Transport is committed to providing the best military vehicle transportation services for all of our military members and families. We take pride in providing our customers with the best customer service, fastest shipping, and secure pick-up and delivery for your POV or any type of Military Vehicle, with military vehicle transportation rates that are reasonably priced.

    Number 1 Auto Transport has more than 10 years experience working with members of the military, and our staff has knowledge that you can trust in your car shipment. If there is any damage to your vehicle while being transported, and your carriers insurance does not cover it, American Auto Shipping will help cover your personal insurance deductible. To claim your reimbursement of the deductible cost, you will need to file your own claims first with your transporter and with your carriers insurance companies, be denied, and give American Auto Shipping documented evidence of this.

    If AAS is unable to ship your car in the time listed, for an agreed-upon price, AAS will provide full reimbursement for your down-payment, and we will cancel your shipment. If for whatever reason, American Auto Shipping is not able to send a customers car/vehicle during that time frame, then a customer can cancel by writing any time they wish, without any penalty, of $200.00.

    Carrier is not licensed or insured to carry personal property or household goods, however, American Auto Shipping does realize you may have some items you wish to place into your car. If you are hauling a car, having someone else drive the car, or having it shipped through a third-party hauler, additional insurance coverage may be needed.

    During your time in military PCS, moving and transporting a vehicle may add another layer of stress. Whether you are the military spouse in charge of moving to the next duty station when your partner is deployed, you are the solo Service member deployed abroad–perhaps sending your vehicle for storage with family members while overseas–or you are returning home from deployment ready to move your car to a new house or to your next duty station, moving is challenging. Moving your vehicle from base to base is a simple endeavor, as many families have auto-shipped their vehicles upon receiving their PCS.

    When moving abroad (anywhere outside of CONUS, including Alaska and Hawaii), taking your vehicle with you becomes difficult. When you are PCSing inside of the Continental United States (lower 48 states, CONUS), you generally are allowed to bring your car with you, regardless. You coordinate your move with Move Car, and pay out-of-pocket if you are moving your vehicle as part of a cross-state move.

    The government will pay for shipping one car to its final destination, as long as it is allowed by the foreign facility. You are authorized, under Joint Transportation Regulations (JTR), to ship one Personally Owned Vehicle (POV) to your duty station in the OCONUS at the governments expense. If you are a serving active duty military service member and you have received a permanent change-of-station (PCS) order, you should know that you are authorized to ship your personally owned vehicle (POV) abroad and back. Understanding this is why we are proud to offer active duty military members a discount on shipping a privately owned vehicle (POV) or making a home move.

    Moving Cars offers Military Discounts: As a thank you for your service, we offer car moving discounts to dependents, veterans, active duty, and retired members of the military. Move Car offers expedited transportation options should your vehicle need transportation quickly. It is also possible to order military auto transportation services by calling (408) 200-8351, e-mailing, or using live chat.

    Either you and/or your spouse will be driving the vehicle(s) yourself, or you will pay a small fee to a vehicle transport company. Paying for a car transport company might mean you will have some less cash to kick around in your new location, but paying for auto transportation takes another headache off your plate. If you decide you do not want to bring all of your cars with youA to yourA next CONUS duty station,A you may want to pay for auto transportation.

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