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    Choosing Dependable Auto Shippers gives customers a car hauling company that has moved far more than one million vehicles since its founding. Choosing Dependable Auto Shippers rewards customers with the most seasoned name in the car shipping business, but also has the added bonus of working with the most technologically advanced haulers in the business. Recognizing the needs of an automotive transport customer can call for flexibility; Dependable Auto Shippers (DAS) announced today that Dependable Auto Shippers puts customers first, now allowing them to customize pickup and delivery options for their car move. With this relocation service, a customer has the ability to drop and/or pick up his or her vehicle from one of more than 100 Dependable Auto Shippers transportation hubs across the nation.

    If a customer needs their vehicle picked up or delivered on a certain date, DASs Crews can send out a local pick-up at any of their over 100 nationwide Shipping Centers to maximize convenience. Vehicles are picked up from a particular location, and then transported and delivered to their customers particular point of delivery. Vehicles are picked up from specific locations and transported to a nearby delivery center to pick them up as per customer preference.

    Once the vehicle has been delivered or picked up, there is a limited time for inspecting the vehicle to make sure that it arrived in the agreed upon condition, and the transportation company has delivered the vehicle according to the terms of the contract. If the car is in poor working condition, you will have to have the car shipped by trailer or another specialty moving truck. Car hauling and delivery costs will vary greatly depending on how soon you need the car and the transportation method.

    Depending where you are moving the vehicle, you might need to pay substantial fees. For instance, cars shipped to Singapore would have a 20% import fee based on the cars Customs Value. Brokers will need to mark up the cost paid for shipping the vehicle, and will in turn be charged extra for moving the vehicle, truck, SUV, motorhome, or motorcycle.

    To send your car or another vehicle internationally, you need to have a fair amount of paperwork. It is slightly different if you need the vehicle shipped within the same state than you do if you need it shipped to Hawaii or Alaska.

    You can either have your car shipped by truck, or you can drive if you want to load your car full of freight. If you are hiring moving companies to ship all your home goods, they might find it convenient to also move your car.

    No matter which country, there is going to be a community of Embassy types and U.S. Accounting firms that import, buy, and sell cars to be shipped. We are planning on shipping my car to NYC, and I am looking for recommendations for folks with good experiences of shippers doing so. LendingTree explains how to find a reliable auto transport company that can help you make sure that your vehicle arrives on time and without any damages to it.

    Our team of professionals will be happy to assist in making the car transportation process seamless. Our highly-specialized services are just what you need to move a clients vehicle. Our enclosed auto transportation services provide your customers with the White Gloves experience that they have come to expect.

    Yours.DAS Global Services provides top-quality international auto transportation services for our global clientele. DAS has been involved in domestic and international car transportation business for 50 years, and has grown into the recognized leader of the global automotive transportation industry. If you are moving your car to Britain or Japan, our fleet of international auto transportation vehicles from approved DAS foreign car transportation partners will deliver your car to your destination in one piece, professional, and on time. DAS has been moving vehicles since 1954, and our 50 years of experience has made us the largest auto shipping company in the United States.

    Dallas moves cars, motorcycles, RVs, and boats to destinations all over the country. One of the largest transportation fleets in the entire industry, the company has over 50 years of experience and over 150 vehicle carriers delivering vehicles nationwide. Using them allows Dallas to provide truly door-to-door services, even at locations other companies cannot put their largest carriers on to deliver at your door.

    Unlike many car hauling companies, Dallas uses smaller, flatbed trucks for their door pick-up and delivery services. Dallas offers free auto transportation quotes through their website, and allows customers to set up transportation arrangements online, too. You may be able to save more money if you do not require door-to-door service, instead choosing to have your vehicle picked up at a nearby port, should shipping be done via ocean via a RoRo (Roll On Roll Off) ship.

    Sometimes, the only way to move your vehicle is by using a professional auto-transportation company. Whether you have to move a vehicle that you just purchased online or ship a set of wheels to a new town, even with established car-shippers, there may be complications along the way, not to mention scam artists that do not make deliveries. As for car transport — I would recommend going with DAS — based on my own personal experience (moving 3 cars back and forth to Baltimore), they are truly the only reliable company.

    When it is time to decide, getting quotes from at least 3 auto transport companies is smart. Before accepting any quotes, be sure you thoroughly understand who will drive or transport your vehicle (every step of the way), how your car will be insured, and to read reviews about the companies.

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